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Allison may be the one at the helm of Square One Organic Spirits, but she's got plenty of fellow great spirits to work with. Friends and family were the first to sign on to help contribute to the origins of Square One. Debbie Jones, Allison's sister and co-founder and Square One's secondary investor behind Allison, acts as a strategic advisor on general business issues while holding down her own high-powered career in Virginia. Although not actively involved in the business, Allison's husband Bill supported Allison's vision and her business partnership with her sister from the very first day. Bill is undoubtedly Square One’s biggest advocate; sharing with friends and his business associates the taste experience Square One Organic Vodka and culinary-style cocktails have to offer.

Clear in colour. Faint dried strawberries and cream aromas. A round, supple entry lead to a dryish glycerous medium body of frosting, cream, dried berries, and spice. Finishes with a long sweet frosting, mineral, and spice fade. Very supple, clean, and elegant.

  • Product Code: SD01SQO
  • Grower: Square One Organic Spirits
  • Style: Round and Supple
  • Country: USA
  • Appellation: California
  • Spirit Type : Vodka
  • Alchohol: 45% ABV
  • Case Size: Single
  • Bottle Size: 70cl

Rating on this vodka is 94 (source: tastings.com)

Closure: CORK

Alternative wine closures are substitute closures used in the wine industry for sealing wine bottles in place of traditional cork closures. The emergence of these alternatives has grown in response to quality control efforts by winemakers to protect against "cork taint" caused by the presence of the chemical trichloroanisole (TCA).

Screw caps or "Stelvin caps" are closures made only from aluminium material that threads onto the bottleneck. They are the predominant closure used by New Zealand wineries.[8][9] This can be attributed in part to the New Zealand screw cap initiative which promotes the use of screw caps instead of cork. Screw caps form a tighter seal and can keep out oxygen for a longer time than cork. These benefits aid in maintaining the wine's overall quality and aging potential.

Vino-Seal, or Vino-Lok, is a plastic/glass closure released by Alcoa. Since its introduction into the European market in 2003, over 300 wineries have utilized Vino-Seal. Using a glass stopper with an inert o-ring, the Vino-Seal creates a hermetic seal that prevents oxidation and TCA contamination.

Zork is an alternative wine closure that seals like a screw cap and pops like a cork. The Zork closure consists of three parts; an outer cap providing a tamper evident clamp that locks onto the band of a standard cork mouth bottle, an inner metal foil which provides an oxygen barrier similar to a screw cap, and an inner plunger which creates the ‘pop’ on extraction and reseals after use.

The traditional crowned bottle cap has been used in the sparkling wine industry as a closure during the bottle fermentation process (méthode traditionnelle). Normally the cap is replaced with a cork before shipping, though recently some producers are releasing wines using the crown cap as their closure.

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Price: £31.99

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